What are the technical requirements for the box transformer enclosure?

It is mainly composed of a base, a side panel, a partition door and a top cover. The box body is divided into a high voltage room, a transformer room and a low voltage room. The enclosure panels, partitions, doors and top cover above the base are connected together by welding or fasteners. The frame of the base and the top cover is generally welded by angle steel or channel steel. Some cabinet shells are also covered with wood panels with special fire-proof treatment to make them better coordinate with modern buildings.
The characteristics and functions of the box transformer shell are as follows:
1. The box-type substation has a small area and low investment in infrastructure.
2. The production cycle is short, and the electrical equipment is easy to install and debug.
3. The cabinet can be freely customized according to environmental requirements and has a beautiful appearance.
4. The size and specifications can be processed and customized, and can be used in different purposes and different scenarios.
5. The box substation has a reasonable frame structure, and the inside and outside are treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
6. The structure is stable without deformation, and the compressive strength is high.
7. It has good bending resistance, impact resistance, tensile strength, and has the functions of anti-freezing, anti-cracking, moisture-proof, waterproof, wind-sand-proof, and anti-small animals.
8. It can be installed with lightning arrester, which can achieve a good lightning protection effect and ensure the safety of electricity.

Post time: Sep-14-2020